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Back Morning Introduction -A part of Quality Center

Back Morning is a special Supplier Quality Management Company, focus on LED Lighting field and expanding to Solar Light & UVC field. In 2019,2020& 2021, we are the authorized Quality Service Partner for several global lighting brands. All our customers are very strict at quality and process, they are the Global Top Lights Brands(Germany and Austria), some National lights brands, and also some small brands. We are Leading the Supplier Quality Management in this industry.

With our help, very few safety issue, IP failure, LM79 issue, appearance & packing issues happened after shipping.

With our help, buyer can faster the sourcing speed a lot: remove out the bad suppliers or products in a very early stage. 

With our help, buyer saved a lot of money which would be wasted by quality issues or long time sourcing time. Buyer also get more opportunities and profits, because their good quality.

We are providing below services:

  1. Supplier Quality Management: one stop service.
    2. Factory Audit and Product Inspection.
    3. Product Testing: Lighting ,Electric Products,Solar Products,etc.

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The measured data of the following products has been approved by the supplier, and will be uploaded and released by Back Morning independently!

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