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A Brief Analysis Of CCT

As independent QA of LED lighting, we have to know the raw materials but not only some quality tools. Because we have to give buyer professional suggestions to select the correct item, correct supplier and build a reliable process. Indeed, this is also very much helpful for us to find out the root cause of some problems.
Such as last time, I shared a post of the different colors of COB (but the CCT is the same). Many person give me very professional comments. I am very much appreciate for this, because we learned a lot from them.

But, the most unforgettable thing are not these professional comments on the root cause analysis, but Somebody told me: “Hank, even you use global top brand LED source, you can't avoid those issue (different color)”. They told me the reasons are:
1. Top brands LED are made by different OEM factories, the working procedure are not 100% same.
2. Even for the same LED OEM factory, they can't ensure every batch of LED packaging materials are the same.
As a 10 years QA/QC, who were/are involved in many international projects, I think this may be right. But based on my occupational habit, I know we'd better get some data first. So we went to the lighting market, visited several LED source shops, who are selling LED source of global top brand, buy samples there.


In every LED Source shop, we buy the same type, same CCT, same current.


After that, we bought the same housing for these LED, and same drivers (Lifud Brand, same type, and same output current). Then we assemble all these lights in our own lab by ourselves.
Below is what we have seen after assemble some of them.


So now, everything become very clear. Actually we have instruments test reports for these lights, but I don't think they are necessary to be showed here, as every people can find out the differences by eye.
So, How do you think about this?
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