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Recently we bought a high bay light from the market Price:13.5USD around   Parameter on the packing: Let’s test! The following is the test picture: Spectrum Testing+IES+Surge Testing+IPX5+Heat Transfer: Test Results: Summary: 1.The lumen efficiency is too lower than its announced specification 2.CCT is too high 3.No IP Protection 4.It […]

1. LED UVC or Mercury UVC: which is better to kill COVID-19? Back Morning: mercury is much much better. Now LED UVC is almost a lie. 2.Ozone type(O₃)UVC and No-Ozone type UVC. What’re the appearance differences? Back Morning: These 2 types look almost the same—almost all the components are the same, […]

We are helping buyers getting UVC lights, thermal testing gun and PPE from China, here is an experience sharing and purchase tips. Until April 17, 2020, there are 1,135 registered medical mask suppliers, we can get this info from China National Medical Products Administration. By checking the official data, we […]

Cheap Lens cause IP Failures Why do we need Lens? To concentrate the light, offer a required light distribution, or decorate the light to be cooler and look advanced? Actually, there is another function for the lens: protect the LED against the water.  This is very easy to be understood: […]

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