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Can the UK buyer pay the GU10 bulk order, when the sample is bad but need bulk order delivery on time?

Can we arrange the down payment to this GU10 supplier, when:
1.50% of the samples failed at the testing by 3rd party QC. The fail reason is: Low lumen maintenance after 65℃ Oven testing 168Hours
2.Seems the supplier has found out the root cause of the fail reason and submitted their improvement plan. But no testing data to verify the improvement plan useful yet.
3. The supplier is big, and focus on GU10. Its price is >30% cheaper than the competitor.
4. The trail order value is 30K USD around.
5. This is the first time cooperation between this buyer and supplier. This supplier is recommended by the 3rd party to the buyer.
6. The buyer has to catch up the selling in Winter.

The background stories are:
1. In May, We(3rd part QC) recommend the Supplier to the UK Buyer, after he asked our help to source a good GU10 supplier. The products are 2 types:
-GU10 Dimmable
-GU10 Non-Dimmable

LED GU10 bulb

2. After many communications, we started the testing for the samples in July 2020. But we found not small issues on the Non-Dimmable type: the Lumen maintenance is<90%, after the oven testing(Detail data see below pictures). Note, Our Oven Testing Method is:

--1st step, We test the GU10’s Lumen, CCT, Power, etc.
--2nd step, We let the GU10 works in high temp oven for 168 hours in the oven, oven temp is 65℃.
--3rd step We test its lumen, CCT, Power again, and calculate the Lumen maintenance(=Lumen after testing/Lumen before testing). According to our experience and standard, for Economic products, the lumen maintenance should >90%.)

LED GU10 bulb
LED GU10 bulb testing

3. We shared the test records(above pictures) and report to the supplier immediately after we got the data. But her feedback was not quick. After one week and our calling, she called us and checked some info. Later she told us the reason for the low lumen maintenance was:
For Non-Dimmable type GU10, the inside aluminum heat sink is smaller than the Dimmable type, they can change the heat sink in mass production.
-Note: we actually felt some disappointment when there was no feedback in 1 week.Although the supplier sale told us she was on holiday.

The buyer wants to place the GU10 order to the supplier soon in August. In our opinion, he is under the pressure of the delivery time, but he is also worried about the quality. So he sent us an email, to ask our opinion.

LED GU10 bulb

So, now the situation is:
1. It’s easy to say “Quality First”, but We have to ensure both quality and On-Time Delivery.
2. This is a new & big supplier, and they have many orders. If we pay first, we can encourage them to do the improvements more quickly. But this means the risk of payment.

So, what can the UK buyer and we do now? Look forward to getting your comments, suggestions.

The measured data of the following products has been approved by the supplier, and will be uploaded and released by Back Morning independently!

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