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Recently we bought a high bay light from the market Price:13.5USD around   Parameter on the packing: Let’s test! The following is the test picture: Spectrum Testing+IES+Surge Testing+IPX5+Heat Transfer: Test Results: Summary: 1.The lumen efficiency is too lower than its announced specification 2.CCT is too high 3.No IP Protection 4.It […]

In LED Lighting industry, many people think waterproof is very easy because they can just add some glue on the glass cover, or add glue around the cable connector to prevent the water goes inside. This is wrong, and it caused many failures such as burning. Hope more and more […]

By the latest testing for the LED Bulbs: OSRAM, Philips, FSL, Media and Opple(FLS and Opple are Chinese local big brands), we get some interesting summary. (Reminding: we test these bulbs with Preheat 0second and preheat 3 mins, then compare these 2 sets data) 1. For all the brands, the […]

FCS found the interesting phenomenon during this week’s test.   1. There is unequal heat distribution on LED High-Bay’s housing M1 (Point 1 on the housing): 49.1°C   M2 (Point 2 on the housing): 43.8°C   M1 > M2 (more than 6°C)   But why there is unequal temperature on […]

LED Lamps will be the best lighting solution for both new projects and switching from CFL / incandescent lamp as energy saving actions at present. For the LED bulbs, it’s still one of the popular items for replacing light sources from CFL or others. Therefore, series of test has been […]

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