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Back Morning Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd--Back Morning means "back to the start point, restart every day."  We provide Quality Control and Quality Assurance service to top LED Lighting buyers,who are interested in getting real quality lighting products from China.
After 5 years of developing, now we have built an Independent LED Lighting Laboratory, and a professional team with 15 QC. Most of our customers are top project buyers or well-known brands in their countries.
We are very proud of our job because we help the buyer get real quality from China, and we are doing a contribution to Made in China's name.
We had another name FCS/LED-QC, but we gave them up because of trademark rules.
Our head office and Laboratory are in Zhongshan, we are working in the cities all over China.
Our services include:
  • Factory Audit: Check factory's 5M1E, refer to VDA 6.3.
  • Testing: LM79, EMC, Lifespan, Safety, Reliability, IP, Flicking, etc.
  • Inspection: During production /Pre-shipment Inspection
We are special, because:
1. Different from SGS, we only focus on the LED lighting field.
2. We built an independent LED Lighting laboratory.
Service area: All over China
You are welcome to send a request to sara@backmorning.com, to require a report sample or quotation.

Strong Quality management background and sense:


Back Morning Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd

E-Mail: sara@backmorning.com

Tel.:  +86 133 2697 2709

Website: www.backmorning.com

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Add.: #1229, No. 142, Chang An Bei Lu, Henglan, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China.