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Evaluating: Water Proof Driver for LED Flood Light (1)

Exploring in Rui Feng Market (Zhongshan)
There is market, which is well knowing for LED buyers no matter they purchase LED lamps for domestic market of China or overseas market. Rui Feng Market, located in GuZhen, Zhongshan, it’s an epitome of the industry of lighting in Zhongshan.
Every kind of LED product, LED accessory is available to be found in this market. And it’s no doubt that every kind of quality is available there as well.
For example, 50W water proof driver for LED Flood Light, there are tens of supplier only in Zhongshan. Insulation driver, two years warranty, price is from 9-20 in RMB. With similar appearance, how to select?

20180622 Drivers 07

So today, here is a series test for 10 kinds of 50W LED Driver for LED Flood Light. Let’s evaluate their quality step by step.
As for outdoor lighting application, all of them are glued during production.

20180622 Drivers 02

Sample for Testing, No. 1 – 10 (from Left to Right)

20180622 Drivers 03-1

1. Specification

20180622 Drivers 04-1

Power Factor, Efficacy

20180622 Drivers 05-1


Parameter Summary: all samples’ specification are very good with more than 0.95’s Power Factor and 90%’s efficacy. Only some of them with a lower ITHD than others.

2. Temperature
Only with some data is not enough to compare and check their quality, an actual application it’s necessary for our test. Cause a driver itself is not only to put all the components together simply. The engineers have to consider the compatibility and stability.
By studying their thermal imagery, the operating temperature of these drivers is different. Some of them are with more than 65°C as the highest point of temperature of the driver, but some of them are lower than 60°C.

20180622 Drivers 01

The left side of above picture is input of the driver and the right side is output for LEDs. As per our experience, the area of highest temperature should be inductance.

In the next few days, we will remove the glue from the driver to check components’ parameter and arrange reliability tests.
Will see you again soon.
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