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Evaluating: Water Proof Driver for LED Flood Light (2)

Thanks for the quite good feedbacks from last week’s review of the water proof drivers for LED Flood Lighting manufactured by Zhongshan local factories. Read More: Evaluating: Water Proof Driver or LED Flood Light (1)
These days, FCS strip off the glue from these drives.

20180627 Drivers 00

Sample for Testing, No. 1 – 10 (from Left to Right)
Still there are glues on the PCB

20180622 Drivers 02

We got some feedbacks, which are asking to observe the temp. of different components on the driver for evaluating the quality and stability. Normally, we will trace the temp. of IC, capacitance, inductance, rectifier bridge etc. of the driver without glue.
But this time we will not arrange this kind of test as the glues might cause effect on the final data.

20180627 Drivers 01

▲What’s this? The answer is at the end.

3. Driver’s Structure & Key Components

20180627 Drivers 06 en

There is difference on the length between PCB and driver’s housing. Some of them the PCB is about 20mm shorter than the housing. It’s for the performance of water proof of it just for making confuse on driver’s size.

20180627 Drivers 02

▲Sample - No. 3 - Length Different between PCB and Housing

20180627 Drivers 09

Left: with MOS Radiator          Right: without MOS Radiator

20180627 Drivers 05 en

▲Parameter of Output Capacitance

4. Surge Protection

As per the experience, at least 2kV Surge is required for outdoor lighting items, some of them requires 4kV or more. So following test of surge will base on FCS’s standard in full phase and each phase with 3 times surge.
Driver without Nominal Surge Protection
Will test 2kV and 4kV surge protection respectively.
Driver with Nominal Surge Protection
Nominal Surge > 2kV,
test surge protection under nominal surge, 2kV and 4kV
2kV > Nominal Surge > 4kV,
test surge protection under nominal surge and 4kV
Nominal Surge < 4kV,
test surge protection under nominal surge
(What? You are looking for test of 10kV surge? Just contact with us)

20180627 Drivers 07 en

▲Test Result: Surge Protection

20180627 Drivers 00 -2

▲No. 2, 4kV, 180°, 1st, Fail

▲No. 2, 4kV, 180°, 1st, Fail

▲No.6, 4kV, 0°, 1st, Fail

20180627 Drivers 00 -7

▲No.7, 2kV, 0°, 1st, Fail

Summary: By series test of these 10pcs of drivers, all their performances are different in different test. Some drivers are with a higher temperature but they are available to pass 4kV surge protection. But some of them could not pass high voltage of surge protection even they are with a good solution on the construction.
Therefore, to evaluate driver’s quality, stability, reliability, a series of test should be arranged for the sample. Could not make conclusion simply with single test.

▲No. 2, 4kV, 180°, 1st, Fail

20180627 Drivers 00 -6
20180627 Drivers 01

▲The photo on the beginning

There are part of glue has been stripped off from the driver. However, the glue from each driver has different appearance. We can find the pure one, only glue itself. And also find the glue with powders inside. Looks like comparing with the plastic eraser and sand eraser.

20180627 Drivers 08

Left: Plastic Eraser          Right: Sand Eraser

The manufacturer put powder inside the glue on the driver?
Which kind of glue is better? The soft one or the hard one?
How to distinguish the glue?
With these questions, we will study with professional expert of the glue.

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