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Factory Audit & Inspection

Factory Audit

Factory Audit&Inspection
Factory Audit

Back Morning's Factory Audit include “Online Calling Audit” and “On-site Factory Audit”.

By using Back Morning's Factory Audit service, buyers can get below benefit:

1. Buyer can focus on working with the suppliers who are suitable for their inquiry.

2. Buyer can know the real capability of the supplier,include its ownership, organization, facility condition, main products, raw material management, internal quality control process, instruments calibration, production management,etc.

3. Buyer can help supplier to know their advantages and weakness, to build a continue improvement plan,to get better quality, cheaper price, less lead time.

Reference Standard & Tool:

VDA 6.3, Volvo Supply Evaluation Module, Back Morning’s internal standard.



Back Morning's Inspection Service include: “Remote Inspection”,“Inspection during Production” and “Inspection before Shipment.”

By using Back Morning's inspection service, buyer can see the production and inspection online via remote control camera(The cameras are provided by Back Morning), therefore buyer won't get fake inspection data.

Buyers can get below info via our Inspection Report:

1.Does the supplier produce the products with a qualified process?

2.Does the supplier use qualified raw materials?

3.The real specification of the products.

4.The details for the packing, printing, cables,connection,etc.


The measured data of the following products has been approved by the supplier, and will be uploaded and released by Back Morning independently!

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