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FCS Helps Xinle Lighting to Avoid Quality Claim by Incorrect Application

Case: Most of LED Bulbs, LED Candles are damage, which supplied by Xinle Lighting on March, 2017. And this kind of phenomenon cannot be solved even those lamps has been replaced by higher level products. Their client is claiming full value replace.
3rd Party QC: FCS LED QC (Responsible for LED Sample Testing & Products Inspection & Supplier Evaluation)
Result: Client withdraw claim, because those LED Lamps are under incorrect application.
Processes are as below:
Initial analysis:
1. By studying returned samples. Most of them their drivers are darkening. Some of them their


2. With client’s confirmation, all of the lamp has been used on following kinds of luminaires.


Initial result:
As per FCS’s experience, these LED Lamps are not available for using on such kind of luminaires. In this case, lamp’s housing will overheating and damage after some times.


And now, we have to test and find out some data to prove previous hypothesis.
1. To use two different luminaires for simulation test. One with holes on top for lamps installing and the other one install lamps from downside.


2. We tested three brands’ LED bulb above luminaires. OSRAM, OPPLE and Client’s Brand. Then traced their temperature of LED bulb’s housing and LED PCB.


Finally, there is 20degree higher for LED PCB and 10degree higher for LED bulb’s housing between to use on the luminaire with downside install holes for lamps and the one to install lamps from the top.


Besides, we found big brands are mentioning these information on their packaging for liability exemption.


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