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How do we support NPI-High Bay Light

The buyer is buying 2,000pcs LED High Bay lights from a new supplier. According to their process, they must hire 3rd party QC to help them to manage the NPI.

Previously the buyer used inspection service from a QC team who inspect a big range of products: clothes, Shoes, Furniture, Lighting, etc. The buyer faced a big loss on a batch of LED Flood lights because that QC used an Integrating Sphere to test the LM/W without a correct correction factor: The actual Lumen is 90LM/W only, but the specification and quality test report show 120LM/W.

OCT 31ST 2018, the buyer asked help from LED-QC.

Nov 16th, LED-QC visited the factory, we found out the potential risks:

High light the critical risk: the Factory’s temperature test results show the light’s heat transfer ability is not enough, this is a big challenge for the lifespan.

(All above info has been shared to both supplier and buyer, everything is transparent.)

Nov 26th, we received samples from the supplier.

Nov 27th, the LM79 Testing finished in LED-QC's lab, all data good.

Dec 5th, all the testing finished.

Fortunately, temperature testing passed, this is very meaningful because the LED's lifespan depends on the temperature.

But the samples failed at the reliability, Surge, and IPx5 Testing.

After saw our report, The supplier sales explained why did these failures happen, and shared their improvement plan. The buyer agreed them to go ahead of the production.

-Note: There is no perfect choice because the buyer should balance Quality and Delivery. Chinese New Year is coming, Buyer faced big pressure for on-time delivery.

What’s are the final performance of these high bay lights?

-Please see next article: How do we support the NPI-Highbay light-2

Thank the buyer’s big understanding of our quality process and support us a lot. Thank the supplier’s cooperation.


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