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How do we support the EU customer to prepare the streetlight tender?

When the lighting company prepares for the government streetlight tender in some countries of West EU, of course, they need many documents of the products, example: IES File is very important and the data should follow the law, suitable lens, no light pollution at 90°.

The story is as below:

Jan 28th, 2019

The EU buyer sent an Email to the streetlight factory in China, asked them to use the LEDIL lens to make a sample and offer accurate IES File to them. Because they need to prepare for the tender on Feb 10th.

Unfortunately, the factory said they have no stocks of the lens, and they are going to close the factory very soon because of the Chinese New Year Holiday. So it's hard for them to provide the IES File on time.

Without any hesitating, when LED-QC saw the Email, we called the factory immediately, asked them to require LEDIL to send the lens to us directly to save time, we would install the lens on the sample-->testing--->offer the IES file to the customer on time.

Reminding:1.LED-QC is the Local QC partner for the EU Buyer, we had kept the samples from the supplier. 2.Chinese New Year day is Feb 5th, 2019, normally most of the factory closed 10-20 days during the holiday season

Jan 30th morning, we have received the lens, also the power adjustable device.

Jan 30th afternoon

We have sent all the IES files to EU. Unfortunately, EU's feedback is: the light distribution is ok on the road, but there is light pollution on the 90° angle.

The designer said it's a very serious issue because of the law,  the project can be rejected.

Jan 30th evening

We re-checked the IES Testing process, testing fixtures,etc.  Finally, we found out the root cause-->improve it-->retested these lights--> send new IES files to EU.  To make sure the data is ok, we used Dialux to check the data in advance. The result is OK.

After a double check, the EU buyer called us, confirmed it's ok.

We are so fortunate because we can work with professional& careful buyers, during the cooperation, we found out our bug and improved, we helped the customer, we create value for both.

Thank the customer's trust and the supplier's support.



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