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LED High bay light ,which will be used in iron factory, or other high temperature environment?

How to know the LED High bay light's life&reliability under high-temperature environment? How to test the LED High bay light, if you want to use them in an iron factory? or a battery factory?

Mr.Ken want to purchase 1,500 pcs of 200w high bay lights, for his project in a casting factory in Guangxi Province of China. The casting factory's environment is similar to below.

He was planning to use his ordinary high bay light for this project because they are assembled by good components: Meanwell driver+ Epistar Chips. But he finally gave it up, after seeing the testing data from us(FCS).

The story is quite simple: his customer told him the temperature of the casting factory's celling always grows up to 65℃,but our lab's testing report show the lights can't work well under such high temperature.

Below are part of the testing details:

1.Heat testing of the High Bay Light: Pass

2.Temperature testing, under 26℃: Pass

3. Temperature testing, under 65℃: Fail

4.Summary of the Temperature test data: The Diode's temperature grows up to 110 ℃, driver housing grow up to >93℃.

According to the specification of the LED Diode, its Junction temperature is 120℃,the safety testing value should be <85℃. 110℃ is too much high(See above Diagram, Diode-1,2,3,4).

“I have no confidence, to ensure 5 years warranty for my customer, by using this High Bay Light.”Mr. Ken Said, finally he gave up this light and used another solution.

Reminding: Mr.Ken is a trader only, he has no QC, no quality instruments.H e always use our QC service before he fix orders, all the Testing & Inspection are performed by us.


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