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LED T8 Tube With Up To 150lm/W Luminous Efficiency

What? We heard about this kind of item years ago. But most of them were just nominal parameter. Or it’s a keyword only for attracting customers. The real data of luminous efficiency could not reach 150lm/W. Or something like offering 150lm/W from LED Chips.
Recently, our lab (FCS, 3rd party testing & inspection for LED items) received some sample of LED T8 Tube and there is more than 150lm/W as luminous efficiency.
Here let’s check these samples.
Sample: LED T8 Tube
Rated Power: 10W
Nominal Luminous Efficiency: 150lm/W
Supplier: one manufacturer from Shenzhen, China

1. Appearance

20180704 Tube 01

On the housing, this tube is similar to common LED T8 tube with a plastic made reflector.

20180704 Tube 05

Plastic reflector with marbling. There’s nanomaterial as per manufacturer’s information.

2. Structure

20180704 Tube 02

▲Nanotube (reflector) thickness: 0.7mm

20180704 Tube 06

▲LED PCB’s installation

3. Radiation
LED item burn-in for 2hours @26.0°C

20180704 Tube 08

▲Thermal imagery


M1: 38.1°C
M2: 37.9°C
M3: 37.8°C
M4: 37.8°C

20180704 Tube 07

Left Point: 38.5°C Right Point: 39.0°C

4. Driver Performance
Input Voltage: 220Vac
Power Factor: 0.95
Driver Efficiency: 93.2%
Power: 9.75W
ITHD: 20.22%

5. Spectrum
Now let’s check if there is more than 150lm/W luminous efficiency as per supplier mentioned or not.

20180704 Tube 04

152lm/W luminous efficiency for complete lamp, we also measure the luminous efficiency for LED PCB itself, It’s 161lm/W. Means the transmittance of the reflector is up to 94%.
If people can watch the LED chips by eyes from such high transmittance housing of LED tube?

20180704 Tube 03

No. We cannot see the LED chips from the reflector.
The LED T8 Tube we evaluate this week with 1500lm luminous flux but only in 10W as the power. Suitable for replacing the common LED T8 Tube, which its power is 16-18W with 1600lm luminous flux.
In the near future, the LED item’s lumen will become higher but the power will be lower. Factories are devoting to increase the luminous efficiency. As the same time, the color rendering index will be improved as well as the uniformity of CCT.

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