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Malu Reject 100k LED Bulb Order Over Quality

Buyer: Malu Group (This is not real name, to protect customer privacy)
Time: April 18th, 2018
Supplier: A big lighting factory from Shanghai around
3rd Party QC: FCS LED QC (Responsible for LED Sample Testing & Products Inspection & Supplier Evaluation)
Products Value: 100K USD


Reject Evidence: FCS LED QC's testing reports show the mass production products are big different from Approved samples

QC process: FCS LED QC randomly select some bulbs from supplier's production line, test their reliability in FCS independent Lab. Then compare the data with customer approved sample. We found: for all production samples, their Lumen maintenance, CCT grow and SDCM grow are too bad than approved samples.

Details as below:

1. Different LED chip.
Supplier need to inform customer change in advance, but this is not a key issue.


2. All production samples failed at Reliability Testing. This is a big problem. We don't suggest customer to accept this quality even supplier applied to reduce 20% price.

Note: Lumen Maintenance should be >88%. But the worst mass production bulb is 63% only.


CCT grow should be <300K. Samples are perfect, but the mass production bulbs' average growing is around 1500K. This means they are becoming blue...Not acceptable.


After see above data, supplier shows their doubt about the data's facticity. Then we sent them all the detail reports include spectrum reports before& after reliability testing (for both approved samples and production line goods). We also invite them to test by themselves.

Finally, under the big pressure from testing data, supplier agreed to repair all these bulbs. And we worked out an QC plan to avoid same things happen again.

Fortunately, the goods are still in the supplier's warehouse, but not been delivered to customer.

Below are some the testing pictures for these bulbs:

High temp testing:


Diode Testing:


THD Testing:


Spectrum Testing:


Break Down to check the BOM:


Above are parts of our regular testing process for LED lightings. If you need same testing service, please contact us. We are supporting a lot of global lighting buyers on quality, many of them give us recommendation.

The measured data of the following products has been approved by the supplier, and will be uploaded and released by Back Morning independently!

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