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Q&A for UVC Sterilizer light

1. LED UVC or Mercury UVC: which is better to kill COVID-19?

Back Morning: mercury is much much better. Now LED UVC is almost a lie.

2.Ozone type(O₃)UVC and No-Ozone type UVC. What're the appearance differences?
Back Morning: These 2 types look almost the same---almost all the components are the same, except the UVC tube.

3. Did it spread ozone from the UVC tube or from other parts of the machine?

Back Morning: The Ozone is created by the 185nm UVC Light’s chemical reaction with the air, it’s not created by other parts of the machine.

4. For the Ozone type UVC light, does it include 254 nm?

Back Morning: Yes, for the Ozone type, it also includes 254 nm. (Ozone type has 2 kinds of the spectrum: 254nm and 185nm. The 185nm chemical reaction with the air, create O₃(3O₂+hv=2O₃)

5. Are UVC lights popular in China?

Back Morning: It was not popular, it's becoming more and more popular because Covid-19 changed people's mind. I know an old UVC light brand, they almost go bankrupt in recent years, but after Jan 2020, its sale value miraculously grows a lot.

6. Are there any good UVC lights suppliers in China?
Back Morning:

---Firstly we need to clarify the definition of "Good". Currently, it's impossible for us to expect these UVC lights suppliers to do a  job the same as a good Chinese high bay light supplier.

---2ndly, in our recent shipments, we found for portable type UVC lights, the battery capacity is not enough(15% lower than mark), and for the high power type, we found some screw issues, painting issues.

---3rd, some issues are design issues, this means it's the high cost to improve immediately. But I believe we will solve it step by step.

7. Do all the mercury UVC lights have CE or UL certificate?
Back Morning:

---This is a very good question. As I know most of the UVC lighting suppliers have the CE and FCC certificate, but only a few of them have UL

---As we are informed(not 100% sure), the high power UVC lights should be treated as a Medical product but not a lamp, so when we apply the certificate, we need to test it according to Medical standard. But the market is chaotic now, some people using the lamp’s certificate for high power UVC lights.

Portable UVC Sterilization light

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