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QC tell you :How to select LED Panel light?

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To select LED panel light, you may want to check the Price,Production Lead Time,Packing,UGR, Lumen efficiency,CCT,Ra, R9 and SDCM. For some buyers, they specify the important components too,such as the LGP(Ligh Guide Plate),Driver brand, Diode brand,etc.

You are not wrong. By my story,I want to remind you do one more thing:

1.Please do select the supplier ,who can prove they have rich experience on LED Panel light manufacturing.

2.If a factory tell you:“ We always focus on high-level commercial lights, we use best brand Diode and driver.SO,of course we can use the same high quality components to make the excellent LED Panel light for you.” -----In this case, you have to be careful.If you want to give them a chance, please start from sample to trail order, then big Qty step by step slowly.

Note: How can a bus factory make good quality car easily?

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Below is my real story:

In the end of 2016,I installed 10 pcs of LED Panel lights(2ft*2ft)in my office,they came from 2 different factories(5 PCS each).They are different price,different raw material,and now they are showing big different reliability.As below table(picture)

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I know these 2 factories,A is bigger,Panel light is their main product.

B is small, B mostly make down light,track light,flood light,tube lights.

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This is really unexpected:factory B use much better raw material, but make much lower quality products!

Based on above ,we see:if we select right factory,we can use much cheaper cost,but get much better reliability. I think that is why for many professional company, they invest on these jobs: Sourcing Engineer, Sourcing Specialist,Quality Assurance,Supplier Development Engineer.

---They can save a lot and get more by setting these jobs.

Now,any tips on selecting good LED Lighting suppliers? Yes!

1.Check their products range on their website and online shop.To know their main products info.

2.Check their fair pictures and show room pictures: what's are their main products to show others?

3.Work with FCS,a 3rd party.FCS can help you check the supplier's real products range,register information,credit records,real quality.In FCS, ther is independent LED Lighting lab and QC team, they can test LED lighting samples, check the Mass Production and Inspection Before Shipment.

Reminding: to be professional ,FCS focus on a small rage:LED Lighting field only.Their QC test & inspect LED lighting every day,audit LED Lighting factory every day.

Contact:www.LED-QC.com hank.wang@skdindustry.com

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