LED-QC's Laboratory is an open platform for both LED lighting buyers and suppliers. We help them get accurate data of Spectrum, Electric, Lifespan, and Reliability.

According to our experience of the lighting industry:

1. Many LM/W is lower than specification, many IPX5,  X6 lights can not offer enough waterproof ability.

2. Many factories can't offer correct data to the customer, although they have these testing facilities. Because they don't have good facility maintenance, calibration, and training for the tester.

3. There are still many factories that don't understand the CCT, SDCM, X&Y, this causes many color issues.

4. For some lights, they used wrong raw materials, packing materials or glue, this causes big lumen reduction and failure.

Based on the above, LED-QC Set this independent laboratory, it's meaningful for the supply chain.


Lamps' breath:

We find out too many IP Failures during our inspection in different factories, on behalf of global lighting buyers. These failures are on the street light, tri-proof light, High Bay light, inground light, High bay light, etc. To help people to understand one of the root cause, then they can do some improvements in the products, LED-QC Team made this video. We hope it's easy to be understood, for both buyers and factories.


IES Testing:

Parameter: IES File, LM/W, Beam Angle, UGR, Light Intensity, Power, PF.

Standard: LM79.

Note: It's also called Dark Room Testing or Gonio-Photometer Testing.

 Spectrum Testing:

Parameter: LM/W of Light Source, CCT, SDCM, X, Y, U, V, R1~R15, Ra, Power, PF.

Standard: LM79.

Note: It's not accurate to use this machine to test LM/W for Luminaires.

Thermal Imager:

Parameter: Heat transfer System's efficiency and design, Temperature


Microscope Testing:

The inside structures for each LED brand are different. By this testing, to some extent, we can check if the factory uses the wrong material or not.

Water Proof Testing:

1.Reference Standard: IEC 60598.

2.LED-QC's Experience.

Temperature Testing and Life Span Evaluation:


Constant Temperature and Humidity Testing: 85% + 85℃:


Environment Simulation:

ERP Testing: