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Test a 13$ 100w UFO High bay light

Recently we bought a high bay light from the market

Price:13.5USD around


Parameter on the packing:

Let’s test!

The following is the test picture

Spectrum Testing+IES+Surge Testing+IPX5+Heat Transfer:

Test Results:


1.The lumen efficiency is too lower than its announced specification

2.CCT is too high

3.No IP Protection

4.It passed 4kv surge testing, this is out of our expectation

5.Ra>80 ,not bad

6.Power is enough

7.Lifespan and Reliability:No testing


Let’s see the inside workmanship:

1.Earth cable is loose

2.no glue in the DC cable hole to prevent the water

3.Thermal grease is not uniform\equal

The measured data of the following products has been approved by the supplier, and will be uploaded and released by Back Morning independently!

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