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Test Philips Fluoresent tube and LED Tube: Spectrum & IES

Can we know the LED lighting's real quality and specification? Such as Lumen Efficiency,CRI(Color Rendering Index),CCT(Color Temperature),Light Distribution & IES file?

Is LED lighting really much higher efficiency than old fluorescent light? How is the performance on other spectrum parameters?

Yes, we do testing for a whole range of Lighting products, include LED Indoor lights and outdoor lights. Below let us test Philips Fluorescent tube and LED tube.

Test Philips Fluoresent tube and LED Tube: Spectrum & IES
LED Spectrum Test

Comments:1. We can see the LED's Lumen efficiency is only 30% higher than Fluorescent type, this is different than many advertisements, who say LED is 3 times higher efficiency than Fluorescent. 2. We can see the spectrumgram, they are big different: Definitely, there is more blue for LED, while the professor told us blue is not good for people.

Let's see the CRI, R9 below:


Comments:1. We can see they have similar Ra & CRI. 2. The R9 is different.

Let's see the Goniophotometer test:

LED lighting IES report


1.We can see there is big difference on the beam angle for LED Tube and Fluorescen tube. This would definitely effect the light intensity in a certain distance,or can we say: for most of the application,there is less waste of light for LED ?

(Note:Final accurate distribution depends on which fixture is used together with the tube. Reflector can effect the distribution.)

2.By Goniophotometer testing, we can get IES file, then designer will use Dialux software to do the simulation. We can get the light's beam angle, UGR,Light Intensity,etc.

3.For LED Street light, high bay light, Flood light, Linear light,etc. If you want to know their real specification for Lumen Efficiency, you'd better use Goniophotometer(Dark Room) to do the testing ,but not the Integrating Sphere(Big Ball).Many people get lower specification by using a wrong testing facility&method.


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2.LED Lighting Quality Inspection and sample testing, include Reliability testing,and performance testing, such as :Life span, real Lumen efficiency, IES File, Spectrum Parameter,etc. Inspection during production and Inspection before shipment.We have support a lot of high quality customers in the past 5 years, and helped saved a lot of unnecessary lost.

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Let's test Spectrum and see the results:

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