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Tips of purchase masks from China

We are helping buyers getting UVC lights, thermal testing gun and PPE from China, here is an experience sharing and purchase tips.

Until April 17, 2020, there are 1,135 registered medical mask suppliers, we can get this info from China National Medical Products Administration.

By checking the official data, we can see >70% (820)of the players are new registered in 2020.

You may think this is crazy: 72% new suppliers within several months!

Yes, in this is a special period, the capacity and the supplier qty grow a lot, the buyer quantity, traders qty also grow a lot, many people didn’t have experience in the medical field before.

Based on the above, below are the purchase tips:

1. Because many factory players are new in this field, they may lack experience, I suggest you select the big size company or the old one who has enough know-how on mask production and raw material management.

-According to the data, most of the old mask factories are in Henan, Hubei, Jiangsu, and Jiangxi province.

2. Pay high attention to the suppliers’ certificate and its quality, this is very important.
-There was some complaint from foreign countries regarding the mask quality problem, so, to protect the “Made in China” name, the Chinese government is doing strict control over the exporting. For some masks which are using the wrong fake certificate, they are not allowed to export.

mask quality checking in China

3.Some quality issues like below,try to prevent them happen:

mask quality isses

4. Work with dealer or trader

-I can fully understand that every people want to work with the original factory,

-It’s not easy for you to work with the original mask factory. They are too busy right now. Their capacity is much less than the requirement, so the factory doesn’t have time to work with you to check the details: send samples, quotation(changes daily), pictures or other documents.

-You can work with their dealer to get better service: The same as you buy a BMW car, you can’t call the BMW factory, but contact their dealer, is it?

5. Price and Lead Time
--Disposal Surgical Mask: 0.38~0.53 USD pc, depends on Qty and suppliers

--Lead time: 3-10 days depends on Qty

You are welcome to contact us to get the approved supplier list for the surgical mask


We are selling below products to fight with the UVC, they are made by the very professional factory.
1. UVC Lights: up to 100w, it’s proved that it can offer 254nm UVC to kill the corona virus

Mobile UVC sterilizer


2.Infrared Thermometer
Infrared Thermometer


If you want these detail products info, welcome to contact us:

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