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WaiChi LED High-Bay Review: Up To 80°C Operation Temp.

Recently the weather during summer season is hotter and hotter, many countries, regions record highest temperature since this year. And there are cases of wildfire from US, Europe, China etc. However, still there are many workers keep working in factories, construction site, and colliery. Absolute should be allowance for the high temperature for those workers.
During summer, the temperature in some plants are more than 60°C. And sine factories, they prefer using low quality high-bay for saving cast. But most of them are damage because of the high temp. Finally, they always have to repair/replace lamps when summer comes.
Today we are evaluating the LED High-Bay from WaiChi, developed for the application under 80°C.
Months ago FCS visited the factory of WaiChi with our clients. Through our audit it’s one of the top manufacturer for LED high-bay no matter in the strength of products or the capacity of factory. Detailed audit report of WaiChi.
Item: WaiChi LED High-Bay (Huizhou, Guangdong, China)
Rated Power: 100W
Rated Luminous Flux: 12500lm
Rated CCT: 5000K
Product Advantage:
Operating Temp. of LED Lamp: -40°C ~ 80°C
Operation Temp. of Driver: -40°C ~ 50°C
7years warranty (including using in 80°C as the ambient temp.)

1. Appearance

20180721 wc 00

▲Front Side

Each diffuser (lens) is fixed on the housing by 12pcs of screws. The surface of housing is coated by powder. For high temperature (up to 80°C) application purpose, the supplier provided long cable for connecting lamp and the driver, which its maximum operation temp. is 50°C.

20180721 wc 01

▲Back Side

20180721 wc 02

▲Powder Coated

20180721 wc 03

▲Powder Coated

20180721 wc 04

▲Angle Scale

20180721 wc 05

▲Connecting Guide

Golden: DC- / Sliver: DC+

20180721 wc 22

▲Water Proof Fittings

20180721 wc 23

▲UL, SAA, RoHS etc.

20180721 wc 06

▲Cable with High Temp. Resistance up to 180°C

20180721 wc 07

▲Power Supply

2. Structure

20180721 wc 08

▲Waterproof Structure

20180721 wc 09

▲Breathable Valve (Waterproof Connector)

20180721 wc 10

▲LED PCB Fixed on Housing by 6pcs of Screws

20180721 wc 11

▲Conform UL

20180721 wc 12

▲Sealing Ring

20180721 wc 13

▲Diffuser (Lens)

20180721 wc 15

▲Soldering Point (Uniformity Size)

20180721 wc 16

▲LED Chips (High Temp. Resistance)

20180721 wc 17

▲Lamp’s Backside

20180721 wc 18

▲The Cable for Connecting LED PCB

20180721 wc 19

▲Connector Conform UL

20180721 wc 20


20180721 wc 21

▲Fixed Mount

Summary of Structure:
It’s a quite good LED High-Bay. Its surface, the structure, everywhere is fine. Such as uniformity soldering point, waterproof constructor and the solution for LED chips, each detail is representing the top craft of LED High-Bay.
Just there is one small problem.

20180721 wc 24

The K Lock Nut for fixing and locking fixed mount will abrade the mount of housing by times of shift. After the abrasion, the Nut will get stuck and the fixed mount will not be moveable any more.
But for the high-bay, its location will be fixed as soon as get installed. It’s not a very big problem if lamp is correctly installed and application. And we cannot avoid the friction between metals as well.
Next time, we will share the detailed performance report of the LED High-Bay. See you soon.

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