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What is “5M1E” in LED lighting field?

5M1E means Man, Machine, Material, Method, Measurement, Environment, these six factors, as the first letter of the English name of these six factors is M and E, so often referred to as 5M1E. Any change in one of the six elements must be recalculated. Details are as follows:


1. Manpower: the operator's technical proficiency, physical condition, etc., of course, this also includes proficiency.Eg, optical engineer, electric engineer, structure engineer, quality manager, production manager

2, Machine: a lot of machinery and equipment and maintenance status, this also includes maintenance and other aspects of the problem, maintenance properly decided the use of the machine for a long time.Eg, Automatic Assemble Machine, SMT Machine, LED Packaging Machine

3. Material: material composition, physical and chemical properties, etc. Eg, LED raw material and its storage method, accessories, lense, housing, painting, MCPCB's storage method, etc

4, Method: similar to some processing technology, tooling selection, operating procedures, etc.

5, Measurement: whether the measurement method is standard and correct. Eg, Lighting assemble process, AQL level, Age testing setting, etc.

6. Environment: temperature, humidity, lighting and cleaning conditions of parks, construction sites, and workplaces.

The content of 5M1E site quality management includes four aspects: quality defect prevention (i.e. prevention of quality defect and prevention of quality defect recurrence), quality maintenance, quality improvement, and quality evaluation.

How and for what to use 5M1E Method in practice?

It is a very versatile method that is used to identify causes of risks, inefficiency, poor quality or other problems in business processes or is used for finding problems. To illustrate the causes the fish-bone diagram is used.

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