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Why choose UVC lights? Does this work for COVID-19?

we are recommending UVC mercury light to the market, to fight with the Covid-19,but we get different voices:

1. Some people say UVC light is useful for COVID-19, this is cheating people.

UVC lights research

2. Some people say UVC is too dangerous to be used.UVC light is useful for COVID-19

Our feedback as below:

1. Definitely, UVC is useful to kill COVID-19. Covid-19 is a kind of coronavirus, Chinese had suffered Sars in 2002, SARS is also a kind of coronavirus. Below are the research data and report from SCIENCEDIRECT.


UVC is useful to kill COVID-19
UVC light is useful to kill COVID-19
UVC is useful to kill COVID-19
UVC light is useful to kill COVID-19

So, we can see, if the intensity is enough, the UVC light can kill almost all the virus after 15 mins. It’s useful.

2. Yes, UVC can cause problems on skin or eyes, this is definitely correct. I appreciate these people remind us to use these  UVC lights carefully.But we can’t say ”goodbye” to it just because it can cause some problems in the wrong operation way. What we can do is to teach people to use it in a proper way, show the operation instruction, and risks clearly on the instruction and advertisement.

What’s your idea, please?

UVC light

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