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Why Do We Have To Evaluate/Audit Lighting Suppliers?

There are thousands of LED Lighting manufactures, traders in China, 3%-5% of them are excellent, 15%~25% are good. The rest are very common, including 20% high risk one. (This refer to Pareto Principle).

So the FIRST, it's to prevent buyers' further big lost, we have to weed out these high risk suppliers, by Supplier Evaluation\Audit.


We can also get a lot of other very useful info, by audit the supplier.


Above are our practical experience. How can we get it?


We are able to provide below excellent QA service for Global Lighting buyers:

1. LED Lighting sample testing (We have professional Lab and Engineer)

2. LED Lighting Supplier Audit\Evaluation

3. Inspection during production & before delivery.

Welcome to contact us to get reports sample.

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