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why should we be careful on lighting’s material management?

Recently we checked a batch of LED Bulk Head(UK market), unfortunately, these lights are failed in the IP inspection.

LED lights inspection

After research by Back Morning’s engineer, we found the reason is: the supplier changes the PC shell without a proper “Raw Material Change Management Process”.

By detail checking, we found:
The PC shell’s thickness is different: The new one is thinner than the old one. This caused a big problem---There is a gap between the Shell and the silicon rubber ring, seal not good. So the water goes inside.

LED lights inspection
LED lights

According to the general quality management process, we have to pay attention to the changes in 5M1E. 5M1E means:

This 5M1E theory used in the auto industry, air plan industry, food industry, and LED lighting industry. In this case, the PC Shell is an important Material, which affects the Lighting’s lumen and IP. Unfortunately, the supplier didn’t pay attention to this Material Change, it caused the quality problem.

The measured data of the following products has been approved by the supplier, and will be uploaded and released by Back Morning independently!

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